Floor Sanding bridgewater

Location; Bridgwater

material; pine

Specification; Floor sanding

Floor Sanding Bridgwater. This floor sanding contract was in bridgwater with a traditional wood flooring specification of pine flooring. The flooring was old and dusty with no grain or character showing at all. We were brought in to fix this. The wooden flooring restoration was on the top floor of a large house and the team felt like they had completed a days work before even getting the machinery started up. However it was only a sanding and finishing, so no need to fill gaps with pine fillets or repairs necessary anywhere.

The Floor sanding in bridgwater was going without a hitch, the sanding machines managed to strip back the pine flooring easily. levelling the pine flooring and bringing out the grain of the wood. we continued the process until we had removed any imperfections or damages in the flooring, closing the grain to 150 on our sanding machines. then bringing out finishing machines to make sure the wood flooring was ready for an application of primer. We finished the restoration process and started to prepare the flooring for its coats of lacquer. A nice matt natural finish was chosen for the wooden floor restoration. Our client was very pleased with the transformation of the wooden flooring and we hope to come back again to work on further rooms.

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