Floor Sanding Tiverton

Location; Tiverton

material; pine

Specification; Floor sanding

Floor Sanding Tiverton. This week Ryans Restoration were in Tiverton. on a great Pine floor sanding contract. As we arrived we could see that the pine flooring had massive potential to look amazing and give a great feel to the house. Time had just taken its toll on this flooring, it had been stained in the past but we could tell it was pine from the knots in the wood and the grain. The flooring had become worn and discoloured in places. luckily for our client we were going to make this a great transformation. This Floor sanding in tiverton was to be sanded and stained to give a dark rich look to the pine flooring. Staining pine is a great way to disguise the yellow/ orange effect pine can sometimes have. Or simply to give a dark rich feel to your room

As we Started up the sanding machines and began sanding back the pine flooring to rid it off the old failed finish and give the flooring a new lease of life. not even we expected the flooring to come up as well as it did. The client wasn’t even sure if they wanted it stained because the grain came up beautifully. We assured our client however that the stain they had chosen (teak) would look stunning. We finished going through the sanding grits on our machines, closing the grain more and more until the team thought it was ready to apply the teak stain.

The stain as applied carefully by the team ensuring the finish product would look brilliant. After the stain had dried we were able apply 2 coats of our finish lacquer on top to protect all the hard work we had done on this wooden floor sanding project.

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