Wooden Flooring Restoration Exeter

Wooden Flooring Restoration in Exeter. This Project was a little different to the usual parquet Restorations we have. This wooden flooring was in an old farm house that dates back 150 years and we had every reason to believe this flooring was original. The most amazing thing about this wooden floor Restoration was that the Pine blocks were layed in a brick format as opposed to basket weave or herringbone style. Not only this but all the blocks were in good condition…old and in need of sanding but lots of potential.

The wooden Flooring Restoration in Exeter didn’t start off well, Because the blocks were so un level our sanding machinery struggled to get the drum to touch the ground and it kept throwing us resistance. We had to bring out a Heavy duty sanding drum just to get the top few mm of flooring sanded so that we could began the wooden restoration properly. After a few days with two machines the parquet flooring had been beaten. Our client couldnt quite believe how it was coming up as she tried to hire out sanding equipment to do it her self but caused so much dust, took so much time and hadn’t even broken through the wood after 3 days.

After the parquet restorations hard work was done, we applied an extra matt primer coat and top coats to dry and keep that old rustic feel to the flooring. As its an old floor you dont want to put high sheen lacquers on as a finish. This was a brilliant wooden floor sanding before/after.

If you have a wooden Flooring Restoration in Exeter then please let us know.