Flooring Restoration Bridgwater

Material; oak

location; Bridgwater

Specification; Flooring Restoration

Flooring Restoration in Bridgwater. This week Ryan’s restoration were working in bridgwater on a solid oak floor sanding project. The oak flooring was a solid Tongue and groove floor. Oak flooring is very resilient being a hardwood so can resist marks, and every day wear more than most wood floors. This might be part of the reason oak flooring has become more popular. The flooring when we arrived looked ok regards condition but we knew we could bring out a much better quality finish to the flooring. Floor restoration isnt worth doing if you dont finish the grain to the best condition you possibly can.

We Started the floor sanding in Bridgwater on a high grit paper as the flooring didn’t need a heavy sand. Wooden floor sanding is mostly about identifying the grain and what it needs to restore it properly without damaging too much of the wood. After the first few runs this was making the flooring was dead level. We Then were able to start filling the gaps between the wooden flooring. This was making the oak flooring look more uniform and we managed to get a good colour match. Then allowing Time for this to dry we started the higher grit runs on the sanding machines to get rid of filling residue and close the grain. The flooring started to look great and we then brought out the finishing machines to finish the job, allowing us to prepare the flooring for the coats of lacquer.

After the floor was hoovered we were ready to apply the lacquer to the floor. The primer was applied and the flooring started to look fantastic. Then 2x coats of silk matt was applied for a finish coat, bringing out the grain beautifully and that golden oak texture.

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