Wood Flooring Restoration Bridgwater

Location; Bridgwater

material; oak finger block

Specification; Wood Floor Restoration

Wood Floor Restoration in bridgwater. This week Ryan’s Were in bridgwater on a classic finger block parquet restoration. These Finger block restoration projects need a different approach to straight lay floor sanding jobs. One thing to look out for is that blocks can be layed on high and low points and the sanding machines can over sand some blocks and eat through the material. So best to check the levels before you start. The condition of the floor when we arrived was pretty bad. The colour was so dark and dusty that you couldn’t identify the material straight away.  After performing the first sanding run we could tell the parquet was oak. The floor sanding Prgressed nicely.

The wood Flooring Restoration was going very well, we sanded through the grits and were able to save the flooring from years of dust and dirt build up.  The blocks and the flooring was levelled nicely and the grain was starting to look fantastic, you could now see the true colour of the flooring come through. We prepared the floor thoroughly after all the floor sanding was complete. We the started to apply our favourite primer to bring out the texture of the grain then after this had been allowed to cure we applied 2x top coats of silk matt. giving a stunning finish

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