How we make your floors look good:

One of the things we get asked most of all is, will renovating our floorboards cause a terrific mess and will there be dust around for weeks afterwards?

We felt it was worth making a few short videos of work as we undertake it to show you just how tidy, clean and ‘home-friendly’ our processes are for giving you a great wooden floor!

Stripping back

Here you see us demonstrating the technique we use to get back to the good wood. We will take off anything from .5mm – 4mm depending on what grit is necessary.

Here we are using a Lagler Hummel, a fine piece of equipment for the job and one that creates no dust.


A smaller sander designed to get to all the tricky areas that the main bulk of the machinery can’t reach. Again, absolutely no dust and this can also be used to level out areas of uneven floor back to the best wood possible.

Gap Filling

We use a polyresin mixed with the sawdust created from the sanding of the wood, that when dries matches the colour of the floor and dries to a hard and durable finish.

Orbital Sanding

After stripping back your floor the other sanding equipment, which we would finish on a grit of 120, we would then switch to this orbital sander which spins at a much higher rate and can close the grain anywhere up to 300 grit giving you a smooth finish which allows the grain to show through.

We use a 3DS which is James’ favourite piece of equipment! Also, no dust guaranteed.


If you are not happy with the finish of the natural wood colour then there are a variety of different wood stains that we can apply to your floor to change the texture or perhaps overall finish. We can also apply traditional varnishes over the top to emulate any finish.

Varnishing and Oiling

After we have reached a stage where you are satisfied with the overall finish of your floor, we will either varnish or oil your floor depending on your choice of finish ie gloss, silk, matt. Our preference is a polyurethane water based seals as they dry within an hour and they have no odour. They are also the hardest wearing of all the varnishes with low maintenance.

We are able to supply different samples for you to consider.

Restoration andĀ Sanding

A restoration of a pitch pine floor in a Karpa diem in Plymouth that was sanded fully back and stained with a mahogany stain and finished with a gloss varnish.