Wooden Flooring Restoration

Wooden Flooring Restoration Requires three main Factors to be optimised. The Team, The machinery and the Products. Here at Ryans Restoration we dont compromise on any of them. Wooden floor sanding is a process and an understanding of these processes is key. Wooden Flooring Restoration is the sanding back of wooden floors that have become damaged, marked or worn away.

Wooden flooring Restoration Machinery

Our machinery is designed for wooden floor Restoration. Dust Free and powerful!

  • The Lagler Hummel Is the worlds best Floor sander and is designed to level and sand any type of wooden flooring. They have a large drum with high point pressure that will translate onto the floor. They are loud and incredibly heavy.
  • The Lagler Flip is the perfect all-round edger, with high efficiency, unmatched dust extraction and attachments for all kinds of hard-to-reach spots.
  • The Lagler TRIO makes light work of intermediate and finishing sanding, ensuring excellent results before the application of oils, lacquers and stains begins.
  • Not to mention our vans, loyally Driving up and down the country carrying all of these things, you cant miss the phoenix sign on our vans.
Wooden Flooring RestorationWooden Flooring RestorationWooden Flooring Restoration

Wooden Floor Restoration Professionals

Our team is Fully qualified in every aspect of wood flooring Restoration. Polite and knowledgeable in there trade. Our team has to be tough and hard working. we have all been on the manufacturers and suppliers raining courses.

Wooden Flooring Restoration
Wooden Flooring Restoration
Wooden Flooring Restoration

Wood Floor Restoration Products

If you are going to the time and expense of having your wooden floor restoration done then why cheap out at the end on anything that isnt the market leader. Bonakemi has the best range of lacquers and oils on the market today. They are durable, quick drying and leave a fantastic finish on the wood. Every single one of our wooden floor sanding projects are finished with bona products. As the best we have to use the best.

Bonakemi offer a range or primer’s, lacquers, oils and cleaners. A one stop Shop for wooden floor maintenance. We are all knowledgeable on the ranges and the uses of bona products.

Wooden Flooring Restorationwood Floor restoration in weston super mare

Wooden Flooring restoration varies but generally depends on the size of the area and the specification. We have a team of 7 Flooring engineers so we can fit into any time frame.

If the Wooden Flooring Restoration has been done properly and the right products applied then the flooring should only need sanding every 10 years.

Wooden Flooring Restoration used to be a dusty affair. Now our machines are 97% dust free. No dust can be observed with the naked eye.

Our wood Floor Restoration Qualifications

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Wooden Flooring RestorationWooden Flooring Restoration Wooden Flooring Restoration